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Support Programmes for Family and Friends of those living with Dementia

You may feel your life has changed dramatically, and perhaps you are wondering how you will cope, or how you will find meaningful support?

Our programmes are designed to provide an opportunity to learn, ask questions and be listened to.  We will provide you with the ‘must knows’ about the condition, such as the progression of the disease; how and why behaviours may change and equip you to manage differing circumstances.
We are aware that this is an emotional time, so offer thoughtful and holistic support, paying attention and responding to your needs. Sessions provide a forum where, if you wish, you can share your experiences with others - helping you to feel that you are not alone.  

Free / discounted places for Programmes in  Bedfordshire.

We are pleased to announce that our Partnership with the Learning Partnership continues- we have received funding which will enable us to deliver flexible modular courses in and around Bedfordshire.  Courses include 'Coping with Caring' and the Royal Society for Public Health and Alzheimer's Society 'Understanding Dementia' Award. Click on the links for more details or contact us for more information.  

People who have attended our programmes say;

•         ‘The course has been an eye opener for me - I look at things with more confidence.   I feel a lot more settled with coping with my husband and also coping better at home on my own. I look at life a lot differently.’  B. Bedford
•         ‘Sharing was really important to me and having discussions with people in similar situations’. J. Leeds
•         ‘I have more confidence through gaining more insight into dementia and coping strategies’. M.  Bedford
•         ‘I’ve got a greater understanding of using comfort and touch and being non-confrontational. I don’t feel as emotional now’. S. Leeds
•         ‘I have been able to build on my previous experience’. B. Bedford
•         ‘A very enjoyable course with lovely tutors – it was most valuable, and it has made me think of the future and how I should make plans to help my family in later life’. A.  Bedford
•         I feel like a different woman now - a weight has been lifted from my shoulders – I can recognise my ‘self’ again. K. Luton
•          ‘Excellent course, I learnt a lot. All carers and family members of dementia should take this course (in my opinion!.)’ W. Bedford
We also offer ‘Here for You’ - a supportive coaching programme consisting of a series of four one to one phone consultations with an experienced Liferoots Coach.  Individual sessions offer personalised support and time to discuss the issues that matter to you.  Click here to find out more.